Thursday, September 14, 2006

Filmi funda

Its been a good year for bollywood,or as the Big B prefers to call it, the Hindi Film Industry. Diwali is around the corner and already there have been thunderous hits both critical and commercial. The best ones..

Rang De Basanti: Rahman, Prasoon Joshi and Rakeysh Mehra came up with a winner which had to have a good opening in order to ensure good collection in the successive weeks. Aamir's popular face on the posters ensured that. And word-of-mouth publicity and some truly great music kept the cash registers ringing. Its the kind of film I personally want bollywood to make frequently. Make a good entertaining film with a difference and sell it with stars. You dont always need a great actor, an above average one will do. Aamir is clearly an over-rated actor. He has been part of some good films,but cant call him a great actor. But he sells, and he is prepared to experiment. Prasoon Joshi revived me from my depressed views of the lyricists of today. Javed Akhtar and Gulzar are both ageing, at least there is now one decent one to look forward to.

Omkara: An absolute class act. Another case where a well made film had to be sold with stars on the posters. Vishal Bharadwaj made a critically acclaimed 'Maqbool' but didnt exactly strike gold at the BO. This time, he continued his romance with shakespeare(Othello) but no art-house-actors-only kind. The film ran well for the first week, collections dropped due to family audiences shying away.Gulzar amazed again with his lyrics. He is 72. and only getting better. Saif ali khan, Take a bow. I dont think he has ever uttered BC,MC in his life thanks to schooling in Eton. But he rolled them off his tongue with the same relish,if i may call it that,that we used to (and still do) in our college days.

Lage Raho Munnabhai: There are sequels, There is krrish and then there is munnabhai 2. One of the best sequels since Terminator 2. Better than the first in terms of the tight script. Gave a beautiful twist to 'vande mataram'. And can you believe it, Gandhi's autobiography is a hot cake now. Vinod Chopra has had the time of his life in the last 3 years. His films bombed one after the other since Parinda. And its rumoured he cant get enough of it, and announced Munnabhai 3 as well.

Only one major film to look forward to now, 'Don' and that too just because of Farhan Akhtar. 'Dhoom 2'? Nah, not for me.


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