Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cinema : What next??

Lot of people(art patrons) consider the twentieth century to be the century of cinema, like the 19th centruy clearly belonged to literature. Most of the classic writers Dickens,Keats,Wordsworth,Bronte and many others marked that time.Cinema is clearly the most collaborative of all arts. It has a literary part to it(screenplay), music and visuals. All these go hand in hand. But unlike literature, which has been there for centuries, Cinema was born a little more than 100 years ago. As expected, it grew very fast around 1910-1930. The language of cinema was growing during that time. Cinema was depending largely on technology. With sound, colour it reached a certain stable level. From there, it was upto the film makers what they could imagine. Almost everything they could imagine was captured in film. I say almost, because special effects were yet to come. With limited technology, it was upto the director and the cameraman as to how to 'shock' the viewer. There lay the difference between the ordinary filmmaker who depended totally on the text and masters like Hitchcock and Kubrick.

Special effects started making their impact in cinema in the seventies. 'Alien', 'Star Wars' so on. Now nearly 30 years later, that too has reached a stable level. The language of cinema is not changing much. Clearly for close to a century, the trick lay in shocking the viewer. With Special effects(Jurassic Park), narrative styles like flashback, fragmented and non-linear narrative(Pulp Fiction,21 Grams) it gave the film-makers another dimension.

I am sure that there will be new breed of film-makers who will change the language of Cinema. 'shocking' the viewer has been the trick behind making them eat the popcorn fast. Making them think "What next??" Even though they know that the guy will get the girl, the good will punish the bad. I am too wondering similarly about cinema, What next??


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