Saturday, January 07, 2006

Thats Good Work!

I have often wondered how some of the principles that our parents and teachers tried to inculcate in childhood are discovered by us as a lesson in our twenties or forgotten altogether. A classic case would be how most people in my age decide what is good work and what is pedestrian,trivial and almost deplorable. We were all taught that all work is good and none bad, weren't we? i guess that lesson needs a little amendment considering that we all totally forget it. "That work?, oh! that aint interesting, thats rather boring!!". This attitude slowly grows into a kind of prejudice. We simply dismiss certain domains,departments in the business model as downright mess.

Point one: You really cant wish away anything that doesnt interest you. In any company, clearly the CEO is more critical than the receptionist. But can you do away with the receptionist altogether? So basically all jobs whether interesting or not better be done by somebody. And if somebody is going to do it, He or she better do with some interest in it.

Point two: The prejudice part. When one strongly starts tagging some kind of work as good and some kind of work as bad, you start considering that the people doing those bad jobs are inferior. Now that is quite a sick attitude. He or She probably finds it interesting, or maybe not but thats really not your business and you should respect the person no matter what job he does.

Point three: The flip side of the prejudice. There is a kind of "positive prejudice" to the above mentioned case too. Since you have already tagged some kind of work as good, whenever you meet a person from that "good" job, he is automatically raised to a pedestal higher than others. Now that, though not sick, is rather naive. Most of us love watching films but do we appreciate all the actors?? I am a big fan of cricket. But there is no sense in appreciating somebody like say, vikram rathore(remember the leaden-footed opener?). Appreciate for what exceptional achievement they had in their jobs. Not every CEO is worth writing home about, right?

So the principle should be something like.."All jobs are good. Find what motivates you the most". That is probably what even the prejudiced people trying to do. There are jobs that motivates them a lot, and they badly want to be there. Downgrading everything else is not exactly the right approach.

Here,Steve jobs says something motivating about finding THE WORK.


Blogger AD said...

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Blogger AD said...

Hi dude,
This is good work..:-)

Nice beginning.

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Blogger vibs said...

Seems a constructive way to spend ones time . The topic choosen is quite relevant to our times.

6:34 PM  
Blogger Sandeep said...

sahi likha dost!! isliye keh raha hoon ki nayi naukari kar le ;)

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Blogger B.Rekha said...

hi Mr. Prakash,

It's nice to read ur blog. u r explained the importance of the job satisfaction in every one life.if u don't mind i want to give some suggestion to make ur blog very intresting. but the topic u explained is really gud keep it up........

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